Youth PM2.5 Certified Mask w/ Filters

Youth PM2.5 Certified Mask w/ Filters

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Certified Youth PM2.5 Mask with filters . Reusable , Washable , & Adjustable Mask. Comes w/ 2 activated carbon filters & available in 4 colors. No other children's mask , child mask , or youth mask can compare! These sell fast, Buy Today while supplies last. These masks will actually block the virus & are the best masks for kids.


    • Absolute best protection on the market for children
    • Mask adjusts so you can ensure a tight fit for max protection for your princess or prince
      • Adjustable ear loop straps & adjustable nose bridge molding
    • Reusable for at least 5 months with proper care & no fade
    • Hand washable mask see maintenance section below
    • Soft comfortable material
    • Compatible with replaceable activated carbon filter inserts
    • This mask is Breathable, Skin-Friendly, & Windproof

    Out of respect for good sanitization, masks cannot be returned. But message us, any issues we will make right. That's our word!


    • All Orders are processed within 24 Hrs.
    • Priority Mail is highly Recommended & has been the GMI standard shipping method throughout the Pandemic.
      • 1-2 Business Day Delivery with Tracking # Provided (Choose "Priority Mail").
        • A small set of some areas such as Alaska, Hawaii, Conway SC, to name a few will deliver in 3 days.
    • Other shipping methods & times are available, see details at check-out.
    • Please ensure you double check the provided address & verify before completing purchase. You will be charged shipping for re-delivery due to incorrect address provided.

    The PM2.5 Mask can be HAND Washed! (See slide in product pictures & full or short  length video at the bottom of our home page)

    Wash mask at least once a week:

    • Clean/ sanitize sink prior to cleaning
    • Remove filter prior to cleaning
    • Pretreat / Pre-clean mask if heavily soiled with clean sponge & pine sol (Ok for direct application to mask)
    • Add Hot Water, 2 Tbsp of mild detergent, & 1 Tbsp of pine sol
    • Gently HAND wash mask rubbing it against itself on each side for at least 30 seconds per side
    • Soak mask up to 30 minutes
    • Rinse mask thoroughly with room temp water
    • Hang / Air Dry in a clean / sanitized location

    DO NOT's:

    • DO NOT place in washing machine
    • DO NOT place in machine dryer
    • DO NOT use bleach
    • DO NOT wash filter
    • DO NOT scrub plastic air circulation unit roughly

    Daily Maintenance:

    • Mask can last at least 6 months provided mask is properly maintained/ cared for:
      • Some sites say 1 year which is not proven, we have actual clients who have had these for 6 months to date, we only speak to what we know at GMI!
    • Duke University has used Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize medical masks. (See link below for more detail):
      • The below should be on any day mask is worn
      • Place pure hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle with a mist setting. (MIST/ SPRAY not Stream)
      • Spray mist in the air and fan both sides of the mask through the mist with one spray for each side
      • DO NOT saturate masks
    • NEVER touch face of your mask with your hands, your hands have germs on them!
    • Wash/ sanitize hands or gloves before mask removal & before putting mask on
    • Keep mask in a secure & clean space
    • Store mask in an open container/ brown bag:
      • Do Not store in a Ziploc bag
      • Do Not store in a sealed container
      • A Tupperware container with the top left hanging half off is IDEAL
    • Avoid using disinfectant spray to sanitize mask, it is not healthy to inhale/ ingest


    • We recommend 15-25 hours of use per filter based on situational usage 
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